About Us

Racing Information Services Australia Pty Ltd (RISA) is a proprietary company limited by shares.

Since the RISA Strategic Plan was adopted in 2006, RISA has successfully evolved from an effective start-up company with a limited national footprint and limited commercial return to a national company which is delivering outcomes in all states and territories of Australia every day.

By being innovative with our ideas, proactive in our engagement of the industry and decisive in our actions, RISA has established a position within the Australian Thoroughbred Racing Industry as a leading provider of Racing Materials and specialist Racing Industry services.

Consistent with RISA's constitution, RISA's surpluses have been distributed back to the Thoroughbred Racing industry via non repayable grants made to the Principal Racing Authorities.

One of RISA's great strengths is our people and their diverse knowledge combined with their passion for the Thoroughbred Racing Industry.

Core Vision

Maintain and build upon RISA's position as Australia's leading Racing Materials and Racing Industry service provider.

Core Purpose

  • To be a valued independent provider of innovative low cost services to the Racing Industry throughout Australia by aligning RISA's Strategic Direction to the core objectives of the Principal Racing Authorities, Race Clubs and Industry Participants.
  • To be a valued industry participant and influencer of outcomes within the Racing Industry.
  • Protect the Industry's Racing Materials from 'Commercial Leakage' and maximise returns to the industry from the supply and copyright licensing of the Racing Materials.
  • Enhance and diversify the 'Commercial' operations of RISA to derive additional revenue from 'Commercial Activities'.
  • Work towards achieving 'One Process One System' using the Single National System as the catalyst.
  • Take outward growth steps as opportunities arise via establishment, partnership, joint venture or purchase strategies.

Core Values

  • Nurture an independent RISA culture which recognises and encourages the contributions of our people.
  • To be innovative with our ideas, proactive in our engagement of the industry, decisive in our actions and respectful of each other and our customers.