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On behalf of Racing Information Services Australia (RISA) I am delighted to welcome you to the 2012 Australian Racing Fact Book - A Guide to the Racing Industry in Australia.

For those of you who have looked forward to the receipt of the Fact Book over many years, you will no doubt recognise that this book marks a departure from previous editions, not the least of which is the fact that for the first time, the book is being published as an online edition. It is not coincidental that this year also marks the first time that RISA has compiled and managed the publication of the book on the Australian Racing Board's (ARB) behalf.

When we were commissioned by Peter McGauran and his team at the ARB to compile the book, it became evident that in many respects, to produce a 'hard copy' of a fact book was a contradiction in terms. In hard copy, such a publication could at best only be a snapshot of a moment in time, and increasingly in the age of online and real-time information a migration of the Fact Book to an online environment made sense.

While this edition of the Fact Book is not a revolution, in collaboration with the ARB, we would consider it an evolution that marks RISA's ongoing commitment to deliver publishing products for the thoroughbred racing industry that are timely, relevant and reflect the broader changes in how participants and the community in general are reading and digesting information. We particularly hope you will enjoy the refreshed format that has been undertaken with great pride by our publishing team. This includes enhanced representation of data via graphics and images that we feel evoke some of the passion and diversity of our great industry.

One particular characteristic of the production of the Fact Book is the collaborative nature in which it is compiled. In addition to that generated by RISA, the information contained within this book is aggregated from multiple sources including Wagering Operators, Breeders, Sales Agents, Government Agencies and Principal Racing Authorities. To each and everyone involved in this process, we extend our gratitude.

Before 'signing off' it would be remiss of me not to take this opportunity to provide a little more information about RISA for those readers of this Fact Book that may not be fully acquainted with us.

RISA is the official thoroughbred racing industry organisation responsible for the compilation of racing materials and a leading provider of racing industry services.

In addition to the compilation, dissemination and commercialisation of race fields and form and the maintenance of race results, RISA is proud to offer a stable of fourteen integrated products and services to Principal Racing Authorities, race clubs, owners, trainers, breeders, jockeys, media, wagering operators and punters Australia wide. As an industry body each of these services have been developed to drive efficiencies and reduce the cost of business processes while improving the overall stakeholder experience in order to help attract and retain industry participants.

I would also invite you to learn a little more about RISA by viewing our Corporate Video by Clicking here.

Myles Foreman
Chief Executive Officer
Racing Information Services Australia Pty Ltd (RISA)