Industry Announcements

RISA expands and enhances online offering to enable the Cancellation of Nominations via Stable Assist - 15 July 2013

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RISA releases results of recent survey of Trainers using the RISA Service Centre and/or Stable Assist for lodgement of Nominations, Acceptances, Scratchings and Stable Returns which revealed 96.66% of Trainers rated the overall RISA Service Centre experience as Excellent or Good - 15 July 2013

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Permanent Name Protection for horses inducted into the Australian Racing Hall of Fame -
26 April 2013

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Horse Registrations in the first month since the rule change to AR.69 increasing the number natural persons from ten to twenty - 25 September 2012

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Changes to the Australian Rules of Racing - 24 September 2012

RISA, as the Registrar of Racehorses, is primarily responsible for administering, promoting and reporting on the Australian thoroughbred horseracing industry. These changes to the Australian Rules of Racing are necessary to ensure that RISA, Principal Racing Authorities, and Race Clubs can perform their important functions Read full article...

VALE - Rod Thirkell-Johnston - 11 September 2012

Racing Information Services Australia (RISA) was deeply saddened to learn of the passing of former Director Rod Thirkell-Johnston.

Rod served as a founding Director of RISA from 2003 until his retirement in November 2009. He represented on the RISA Board, the Canberra Racing Club, Thoroughbred Racing NT and the Tasmanian Thoroughbred Racing Council which became Tasracing.

Rod was a strong advocate for RISA and in particular the Single National System which will launch its first modules to the Thoroughbred industry nationally in a matter of weeks.

Rod's contribution to RISA and Australian Racing was immense.

RISA extends its greatest sympathies to Rod's wife Diana and his family.

RISA expands industry services to include fully designed and hosted Race Club websites -
6 August 2012

Consistent with RISA's Service Charter to be innovative with its ideas and proactive in its delivery of services the RISA team has developed a new website design and hosting service for Race Clubs. Read full article...

Decommission of 3 August 2012

As of the 30th November 2012, the website will be decommissioned. Read full article...

Australian Rule of Racing 'AR.69 (a) Syndicates' amended to increase the number of natural persons from ten to twenty effective 1 August 2012

The Australian Racing Board recently resolved to increase the cap on the number of natural persons who may be registered as Owners of a Horse from ten to twenty. Read full article...

Important Reminder for Owners - 25 January 2012

Racing Information Services Australia Pty Ltd (RISA) as the owner and operator of the Registrar of Racehorses has since August 2011 provided Owners with information via various mediums in relation to the Australian Government's new personal property securities regime (Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (PPSA)).

This notice is a reminder only that the Australian Government's new personal property securities regime (Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (PPSA)) comes into effect on 30th January 2012.

If haven't already done so it is extremely important that all racehorse owners immediately become familiar with the impact this may have on the ownership of racehorses.

For further information visit the PPSA Register

Phone: 1300 007 777 (1300 00PPSR)

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Important Information for Owners - 19 December 2011


Throughout the second half of 2011, RISA sought professional advice and facilitated an industry working group with the view to gaining clarity as to how the changes to the Personal Property Securities Act 2009 would capture racehorse ownership.

Advice to date has been that the broad wording of the PPSA in its present form could be interpreted so as to extend to arrangements between owners, trainers, agistment properties or any other entities that have care of the owners' horses. Therefore the Australian Racing Board, on behalf of the Industry, has made representations to the Attorney General pointing out that the broad nature of the PPSA may unexpectedly capture such arrangements and this appears to be contrary to the Government's intent. However, pending any decision by Government, it is recommended that these agreements (whether they be written or oral) should also be registered.

The information below is being provided as a broad overview and introduction to the PPSA for racehorse owners. It must be noted that the PPSA registry does not replace the requirement for owners to register the names and ownership of a racehorse with the Registrar of Racehorses (RISA) and the registration of leases, transfers of ownership with the Deputy Registrar (Principal Racing Authority) which are requirements under the Australian Rules of Racing for the purposes of administering the integrity of racing.

RISA's objective is to make all current and new racehorse owners aware of the PPSA legislation but it is recommended that you seek your own advice. Over the coming months, RISA with the Australian Racing Board will continue to seek clarity on how the law will capture racehorse ownership and how it can assist owners in the PPS registration process. Read full article...

Important Information for Owners and Trainers - 11 August 2011

RISA has recently become aware that there will be changes made to the Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (PPSA) effective on a date between 10 and 31 October 2011. It is important to share these changes as they do affect the thoroughbred racing industry and have particular relevance to ownership and leasing of horses as well as "security agreements" entered into by parties which give rise to "security interests" in "personal property" e.g. agistment agreements and trainer agreements.

RISA has sought preliminary advice on these changes from Peter Mills who is a Principal of Macpherson & Kelley Lawyers.  Peter has had 4 years experience to date in advising and presenting seminars and making industry submissions to government on the PPSA.

The two introductory  documents RISA has commissioned provide a high level overview and are below:

  1. Personal Property Securities for Racehorse Owners, Lessees and Trainers - Don’t Be Generous
  2. Personal Property Securities for Horseracing Industry Accountants

At this time, RISA is still determining how it can assist the industry both from an education position and potentially even assisting Owners at the time of registering names and ownership to also lodge a registration with the PPSA.

If you are interested in receiving further information or would like to express your interest in attending a potential seminar information session regarding security interests in relation to thoroughbred racing please could you email your details to at your earliest convenience.

Racing Information Services Australia Pty Ltd (RISA) is now strategic partner of Equibase Company LLC (Equibase) as an official reseller of US Thoroughbred Racing Materials in Australia and New Zealand - 3 August 2011

RISA has expanded its International Racing Materials service with the addition of US Thoroughbred Racing Materials as an official reseller for Equibase in Australia and New Zealand. Read full article...