Registrar of Racehorses

Renamed Horses

Date From: 01/08/2014 To 27/02/2015

New Name

Old Name


Date Changed

Madam Tilly Keeper Lit 3/Filly26-FEB-2015
Remittance Green 'n' Gremlin 2/Gelding24-FEB-2015
Our Bazaar (IRE) Bazaar (IRE)4/Horse23-FEB-2015
My Broken Drum (GB) Broken Drum (GB)9/Mare20-FEB-2015
Leodoro Leone D'oro 3/Colt20-FEB-2015
Tamblyn Paperback Hero 2/Gelding19-FEB-2015
Zululand Zulu Land 3/Colt17-FEB-2015
Pride of America Thule 3/Filly17-FEB-2015
She's Double Gold (USA) Double Gold (USA)10/Mare14-FEB-2015
In God I Trust Venera 5/Gelding13-FEB-2015
Cent From Heaven (NZ) Heavencent (NZ)21/Mare12-FEB-2015
Silverball (FR) Crackerjack (FR)6/Gelding12-FEB-2015
Make A Return (NZ) Ace Amadeus (NZ)10/Gelding11-FEB-2015
Kai Power Kai Boy 5/Gelding10-FEB-2015
Lowlands Boy Screaming Girls 3/Gelding07-FEB-2015
In Our Opinion Miss Judgment 11/Mare07-FEB-2015
Dawn of Hope Pure Australian 2/Filly03-FEB-2015
She's Trendy (NZ) Wendy (NZ)6/Mare03-FEB-2015
Perpetual Dream Baroomby Bruce 3/Gelding03-FEB-2015
My Highlight (NZ) Highlight (NZ)8/Mare03-FEB-2015
Darragh (NZ) Start Me Up (NZ)4/Gelding29-JAN-2015
Below (NZ) Licence (NZ)7/Gelding28-JAN-2015
Beau Garcon Lionel is a Star 3/Gelding28-JAN-2015
Pompeii Parlour (NZ) Crown Witness (NZ)7/Gelding28-JAN-2015
My Chicharita (NZ) Chicharita (NZ)6/Mare28-JAN-2015
Typhoon Witness Lady Witness 2/Filly23-JAN-2015
Snitzel's Goddess Snitzel Goddess 2/Filly23-JAN-2015
Howling Wolf Alternative Choice 4/Gelding17-JAN-2015
Cheeky Nature (USA) Cheeky By Nature (USA)8/Mare17-JAN-2015
Foxspur Speedy Winner 5/Gelding15-JAN-2015
Mirage Royal Haunt 5/Gelding08-JAN-2015
White Eagle Union John 2/Colt07-JAN-2015
Danekara Tikit to Glory 9/Mare07-JAN-2015
It's a Silvertrail (GB) It's a Silver Trail (GB)5/Gelding31-DEC-2014
Might And Vision Tokyo Road 5/Gelding24-DEC-2014
Miss Outshine (NZ) Outshine (NZ)5/Mare20-DEC-2014
Lord van Percy (GB) Van Percy (GB)5/Gelding19-DEC-2014
You Are Golden (IRE) Chasina (IRE)4/Mare17-DEC-2014
Aerovelocity (NZ) Naisoso Warrior (NZ)6/Gelding17-DEC-2014
Sparks Fly Dual Spurs 9/Mare17-DEC-2014
Foxspur Speedy Winner 5/Gelding14-DEC-2014
Little McCall (USA) Miss McCall (USA)9/Mare12-DEC-2014
His Majesty (IRE) Majesty (IRE)5/Gelding09-DEC-2014
My Ambivalent (IRE) Ambivalent (IRE)6/Mare09-DEC-2014
Miss Zenella (NZ) Zenella (NZ)5/Mare05-DEC-2014
Destined For Glory (IRE) Wade Giles (IRE)8/Gelding04-DEC-2014
Margin Trader (NZ) Bellagio (NZ)3/Gelding04-DEC-2014
Turning Tables (NZ) Rolling in Thedeep (NZ)4/Mare03-DEC-2014
Lucky for You Maury 5/Gelding28-NOV-2014
Thrill Keeper (NZ) My Thrill (NZ) (NZ)3/Gelding26-NOV-2014
Helene Fun Star (GB) Pausanias (GB)7/Gelding25-NOV-2014
Rosir Rosire 3/Gelding25-NOV-2014
Lamichi Blazem Lady 8/Mare25-NOV-2014
Just Guess Namaskard 12/Mare24-NOV-2014
Waxing (IRE) The Vatican (IRE)5/Gelding15-NOV-2014
Keredari (IRE) Majestic Falcon (IRE)8/Gelding15-NOV-2014
Marigold Magic Lust for Gold 4/Mare14-NOV-2014
English Herend 2/Filly14-NOV-2014
Tears of Gold (USA) Cascara (USA)3/Filly11-NOV-2014
Dan Excel (IRE) Dunboyne Express (IRE)7/Gelding10-NOV-2014
Gallant Eagle Hanwritten 4/Horse10-NOV-2014
Dashing Ceramibo King Kahuna 4/Gelding04-NOV-2014
Zhuhai (NZ) Dragon Lair (NZ)3/Colt28-OCT-2014
Wicked Whispers Triszyu 9/Mare25-OCT-2014
A Shower of Roses (GB) Shower of Roses (GB)7/Mare25-OCT-2014
Winning Leader Champagne'N'Caviar 6/Gelding22-OCT-2014
Winning Leader Champagne'N'Caviar 6/Gelding22-OCT-2014
Turf Magic (GB) Newlyn Art (GB)9/Gelding21-OCT-2014
Splendid Victory (IRE) Vaniloquio (IRE)6/Horse21-OCT-2014
La Vie En Rose La Vien Rose 13/Mare17-OCT-2014
Anniversary Jewel (NZ) Fabrique (NZ)6/Mare16-OCT-2014
He's Your Man (FR) I'm Your Man (FR)6/Gelding09-OCT-2014
Our Vespa (NZ) Vespa (NZ)3/Colt08-OCT-2014
La Italia (NZ) Italia (NZ)11/Mare07-OCT-2014
Our Century (IRE) Century (IRE)4/Gelding06-OCT-2014
Extreme Sport Go Bananas 4/Gelding06-OCT-2014
Dixie Prospect (USA) Alyarf (USA)9/Horse06-OCT-2014
Our Triple Treat (NZ) Triple Treat (NZ)7/Mare06-OCT-2014
Megathink Rethink 6/Gelding06-OCT-2014
Let Go Lenni Rock Strata 5/Gelding06-OCT-2014
Vivid Diamonte Vivid Diamant 3/Filly06-OCT-2014
I'm Imposing (GB) Imposing (GB)9/Gelding06-OCT-2014
Langara Conservatoire 4/Mare17-SEP-2014
Hypersonic (NZ) Koltakov (NZ)5/Gelding16-SEP-2014
All's Well Now (NZ) All's Well (NZ)12/Gelding10-SEP-2014
Sunny Fay (GB) Georges Lane (GB)7/Gelding09-SEP-2014
The Real Rokocoko (NZ) Rokocoko (NZ)13/Gelding09-SEP-2014
Madame Zegna (NZ) Zegna (NZ)14/Mare09-SEP-2014
Gulliver Travels (NZ) Ghengis Khan (NZ)14/Gelding09-SEP-2014
The Paparazzi (NZ) Paparazzi (NZ)6/Gelding06-SEP-2014
Seen'em Comin' (NZ) Bob's Your Uncle (NZ)13/Gelding06-SEP-2014
Our Nordic Dancer (NZ) Nordic Dancer (NZ)12/Mare06-SEP-2014
Full Blockade (NZ) Blockade (NZ)13/Gelding06-SEP-2014
Bewithyoumak (NZ) Bewithyou (NZ)12/Gelding06-SEP-2014
Topspin Express (GB) St Barths (GB)6/Gelding03-SEP-2014
Greta's Rose Prancer 8/Mare03-SEP-2014
Mini Scene Bonny Brae 9/Mare03-SEP-2014
Lady Manjaro (NZ) Kilman Fox (NZ)13/Mare03-SEP-2014
Jaeger Bomb (NZ) All Good (NZ)5/Gelding02-SEP-2014
California Vantage (FR) Avantage (FR)5/Gelding31-AUG-2014
Winter in Seattle California Girl 5/Mare25-AUG-2014
Our Voodoo Prince (GB) Voodoo Prince (GB)7/Gelding22-AUG-2014
Mr Irian (GER) Irian (GER)9/Gelding22-AUG-2014
Our Pride And Joy Guns Up 7/Mare18-AUG-2014
Here We Go Revise 11/Horse18-AUG-2014
Change of Honour No Morals 4/Gelding18-AUG-2014
The Collector (GER) Road Trip (GER)14/Gelding14-AUG-2014
Special King Prawn (IRE) Chauvinism (IRE)14/Gelding14-AUG-2014
Romantic Green (IRE) Romantic Evening (IRE)12/Gelding14-AUG-2014
Reputable (GB) Gold Option (GB)11/Gelding14-AUG-2014
Our Rockhampton (IRE) Rockhampton (IRE)9/Gelding14-AUG-2014
Our Aristocrat (GB) Aristocrat (GB)9/Gelding14-AUG-2014
Newly Elected (IRE) Able Too (IRE)10/Gelding14-AUG-2014
Muir (GB) Johann Zoffany (GB)9/Gelding14-AUG-2014
Imperial Applause (GB) Tremar (GB)13/Gelding14-AUG-2014
Helene Brilliant (GB) Doctor Brown (GB)11/Gelding14-AUG-2014
Genius Master (IRE) Copper Bell (IRE)11/Gelding14-AUG-2014
Energized (IRE) Capt Chaos (IRE)10/Gelding14-AUG-2014
Double Dip (IRE) Caparo (IRE)14/Gelding14-AUG-2014
Cornish (IRE) Set Sail (IRE)9/Gelding14-AUG-2014
Chinggis (USA) Legal Precedent (USA)13/Gelding14-AUG-2014
All Out War (IRE) Alfonso the Wise (IRE)8/Gelding14-AUG-2014
Winning Words Lady Gazelle 4/Mare07-AUG-2014
Sister Foo Little Falls 4/Mare07-AUG-2014