2015 Race on Back to Gular

We Race on Saturday 26th of September 2015

Gular’s biggest social day on the annual calendar is coming up next month on Saturday 26th September. Make the Gulargambone Gold Cup a ‘Must Do’ and be sure to invite your friends and family.

Despite all the wonderful rain over the past two months softening up the trace, the Jockey Club committee have embarked on a maintenance program to spread a further 50 ton of gypsum over the entire race track to ensure ideal racing conditions.

The behind the scenes organisational work is in full swing and as the various pieces of the puzzle start falling into position, so does the anticipation of another brilliant social day for the community.

It all kicks off with our complimentary luncheon and drinks under the marquee from 12 noon. The luncheon is open to the whole community and has been sponsored by our community bank Reliance Credit Union. In past years the beautiful spread of finger food has been super impressive and washed down with a couple free beverages, it’s a great way to settle in.

The major sponsor for the Gulargambone Gold Cup for a second year in a row is Chris and Jenni from the Gulargambone Hotel. We thank Chris and Jenni for their commitment and look forward to another huge party back at the pub after the sixth. Other race sponsors include Elders; Gilgandra Toyota; Armatree Hotel; first time race sponsor Agrigrain Pty Ltd as well as joint sponsors Inland Petroleum and AJF Brien & Sons.

In the last two years prizemoney and vouchers on offer for all categories of Fashions on the Field have increased significantly which has been reflected in the standard of competition. With away judges selected to ensure un-bias decisions, it’s always exciting to see a sprinkling of locals taking out the prizes.

Membership to the Gulargambone Jockey Club remains at $15pp which gives you a personalised members’ badge, fast track entry into the racecourse and a free race book, normally $5. Why not join the Jockey Club today, save money and avoid the que on entry? Children under 16 enter for free.

Every year our race meeting is getting more and more popular ….

So until my next update …

Circle 26th September 2015 and write Race on Back to Gular ….

Annie Haling (Secretary/Treasurer) 0428 061063 anniehaling@bigpond.com

Welcome to Gulargambone Jockey Club

Gulargambone - population around 390, 560km north - west of Sydney, midway between Coonamble and Gilgandra has a lot to boast about. A small bush town nestled on the banks of the Castlereagh river. It has that great resilience and fortitude of bush folk that keeps our little community from closing up shop.

With just one annual meeting, it's the gala social day and night that the whole community gets involved in, and is the reason why this mighty little club wages on.“At Gulargambone, the gambling almost seems to be an afterthought. A few minutes before the start of each race the bar empties and the betting circle fills up. The laughter and cries of “G'day mate” are only drowned out a few times in the afternoon, when the drumroll of hooves roars past the spectators.Most of the people leaning against the white rails beside the track have come to strengthen old friendships. The whole idea of these races is that they are the social day of the year”

"Make Gulargambone Gold Cup a 'Must Do' this year. The Excitement of pounding hooves down the straight; Complimentary lunch and drinks; Free children's entertainment; Sweep and Fabulous Fashions on the Field prizes to Win. This will be a Ripper of a Raceday @ Gular."

”Here at Gular, western gateway to the Warrumbungles, life looks pretty damn good.”