Welcome to Gulargambone Jockey Club

Gulargambone - population around 390, 560km north - west of Sydney, midway between Coonamble and Gilgandra has a lot to boast about. A small bush town nestled on the banks of the Castlereagh river. It has that great resilience and fortitude of bush folk that keeps our little community from closing up shop.

With just one annual meeting, it's the gala social day and night that the whole community gets involved in, and is the reason why this mighty little club wages on.“At Gulargambone, the gambling almost seems to be an afterthought. A few minutes before the start of each race the bar empties and the betting circle fills up. The laughter and cries of “G'day mate” are only drowned out a few times in the afternoon, when the drumroll of hooves roars past the spectators.Most of the people leaning against the white rails beside the track have come to strengthen old friendships. The whole idea of these races is that they are the social day of the year”

"Make Gulargambone Gold Cup a 'Must Do' this year. The Excitement of pounding hooves down the straight; Complimentary lunch and drinks; Free children's entertainment; Sweep and Fabulous Fashions on the Field prizes to Win. This will be a Ripper of a Raceday @ Gular."

”Here at Gular, western gateway to the Warrumbungles, life looks pretty damn good.”

We raced on Saturday 27th of September 2014


Race on Back to Gular

With the season back on track in the Gulargambone district I am hoping we can all feel the optimism it brings. This year we have scored the same weekend for racing as last being Saturday, 27 September. We couldn’t ask for a better date to rally the troops and organise a “Back to Gular” reunion for anyone who has lived or worked in the district of Gulargambone over the years.

Organisation has commenced behind the scenes for race day and while last year was our largest turnout of patrons in over twenty years, we’re anticipating a huge response to our call for any past Gulargambone ‘its to return for this weekend. Due to limitations to accommodation in town, it’s down to each and every local that wants to enjoy the return of our visitors to open up your homes and throw on the hospitality. The success of this reunion begins with each of you.

In terms of entertainment and catering throughout the weekend, we can only gauge on what to organise outside of race day by your decision to get involved and invite your friends. Make use of the Facebook page, Gulargambone Jockey Club.

What hasn't changed is the membership to join, still just $15 pp. That covers entry, a race book, lunch-a-lot with other optimistic punters and patrons, plus complimentary drinks. All that for just $15,,, how good's that?

Every year our race meeting is getting more and more popular and it's no coincidence that more and more youngies have it circled on their calendar (or whatever they do on iphone). It's because of the fun atmosphere that we work so hard to achieve. I guess we can also thank facebook for playing a part.

So until my next update - just 3 things to do;

  • Circle 27th September 2014 and write Race on Back to Gular
  • Email me to become a member for just $15
  • Like us on facebook - Gulargambone Jockey Club - and pass onto your friends

Annie Haling (GJC Secretary/Treasurer) 6825 1035, 0428 061063 anniehaling@bigpond.com for more information www.risa.com.au/club/gjc